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In my 62 years on earth, I have....every few decades...had to hire a lawyer. This is about the first of them.

Boulder, Colorado 1972. Attending the University of Colorado, I was back from vacation and about to move into the living room of my friend's apartment (money was tight). When I arrived, he wasn't back yet and there was an eviction notice taped to the front door. I walked to downtown Boulder, then East on Pearl St., until I saw a sign that said "lawyer". The office was down a short flight of steps under a retail store.

I walked in and told the receptionist what the problem was. At this time in my life, I had hair down to my shoulders and was likely wearing hiking boots, jeans with holes and an old flannel shirt. I had just arrived on a flight from New York....followed by a bus trip to, likely, I smelled. The receptionist immediately sent me back to see the lawyer.

I showed him the letter. He picked up the phone and called the landlord, Nick. According to the lawyer, this is what Nick told him: My future roommate (Bob Antonucci, now a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Barbara) had left the window open while he was away on vacation. The landlord believed that he did this so that a cat he liked could come in to the apartment for food that he had left there for the cat. While the cat was in the apartment, the cat took a crap on the carpet.

According to the lawyer, Nick the landlord said that if I cleaned up the cat crap, he would not evict us. I asked the lawyer what he was going to charge me. He said "nothing".

If there had been lawyer reviews back in the early 70s, I might have written a review of this lawyer. While (as I write, below, in the previous entry) it is usually tough to tell whether a lawyer did a good job, here, I got instantly un-evicted and there was no charge. That means the lawyer is great. Right?

Or, could I have called Nick and gotten the same result and is the lawyer really "just" a great guy? (And, I put just in quotes because I don't want to minimize being a great guy....or a great woman.) And would my review really just be about the lawyer being so nice to me....and not him being a great lawyer. Or, was he a great lawyer but only on cases involving cat crap related evictions? Or, was he a great lawyer? I dunno.
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