Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 10:47 PM
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I will admit that I hate email. The world sends out daily scams; invitations to date foreign women; attachments that will crash your computer if opened; urgent requests for a reply from people looking to steal, pleas to buy pills that will lose weight, increase stamina, and extend your life. But, on the other hand, email offers almost-instant communication and automatically produces a record of who said what that is stored forever in "the cloud" (which, apparently, is not a weather-type white or gray puffy cloud but an invisible one which never produces rain).

Over the past week, I have been communicating with a sales repreentative for a large tourist oriented website who would like to sell me an advertising program. He wanted to try to sell me on the phone but I insisted we email. Today, I was able to look at his recent email (offering me a contract term of less than a year) and compare that to a previous email where he wrote that all the plans he sold were annual. Had we just chatted on the phone, I might never have noticed the lie or I might have questioned my recollection. But, thanks to email, I was able to quote to him what he had said and demand an explanation. Not only did he lie but he was stupid enough to get caught.

In the past months, I have avoided accusations that I wasn't "negotiating in good faith" by forwarding old emails showing that my accuser wasn't negotiating in good faith. I showed someone who said they were "interpreting what I said" in an email exactly what I had said. I have a few old emails ready to go out in a couple of days to show an insurance company that we already made a deal......and that the deal is well documented...so, take your lawsuit threat and.... Last year, while testifying, my client read out emails (from her iphone) that had been sent to me by the lawyer on the other side (and forwarded to my client) showing that the lawyer had just lied to the court.

In the old days, we did this with letters....which required copies and stamps and file space and were slow and so we landed up on the phone where people frequently weren't listening or mis-construed what was said, or mis-stated it, or made it up.

It is helpul to be an extremely fast typist. It is helpful to be a good writer. But, in the end, it is so great not to be misquoted and charged with saying all kinds of things you never said that having to turn on the computer and peck out an email is, in adversarial situations or situations that could become adversarial, totally worth the trouble.

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