Hey! Do me a favor. And, see IMPORTANT NOTE, below.... 
Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 10:45 AM
Posted by Administrator
Aryanna Duhl Smith (fna Aryanna Duhl) has started a website: www.blossomingbrick.com The problem with starting a website is that search engines don't recognize new websites until it gets a lot of hits. Until then, google/bing/yahoo/etc. (by way of their algorythyms) "take the position" that the searcher is just mis-spelling the website they really want and the actual request gets ignored and a "better" result gets substituted. It took me months to get searchers to my website, steveduhl.net, instead of a website run by Chicago podcaster Steve Dahl.

So, here is the favor: Click on the link (upper left of this page) AND, ALSO search for www.blossoimingbrick.com AND, ALSO, search for blossomingbrick and blossoming brick and, when you get it in the results page, click on it. If you don't click through to the site, search engines will "think" you are just trying to get "hits" for the site (which, really, is exactly what I am asking you to do) and your attempts won't count.

Thanks. I will buy you a beer. IMPORTANT NOTE: My niece also has a blog, COUNTRY JUMPER. There is a link, above. Remember: "HITS" ARE GOOD! (Reading content is also good.)
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