Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 11:30 AM
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It's likely that any local "windstorm" hurricane damage amounts to less than the deductible (mine is $8,000....the deductible, not the damage). Flood damage, as I recall from previous hurricanes, isn't part of a homeowner's policy unless it comes from above (a hole in the roof) and not below (too much water in the streets). Water from below is covered by Federal Flood Insurance...or, not at all. (Note: This is for info only.....your situation might be different.)

Things to do:
Take pictures of everything.
Make lists.
Write down what was said during phone calls.
Keep receipts.

Should you have trouble with a claim (ultimately have to sue) all of this stuff is evidence of what you paid, what company representatives said, what was damaged. To successfully pursue a claim, you need evidence...create it and do it now!

In the meantime, mitigate damages. You don't need the adjuster to see how bad things are. That is what pictures are for. Get the water out. Get the roof patched. Don't wait for insurance to come and do it for you. It won't.
Keep track of your time fixing things that you can fix.

Get an adjuster out as soon as you can but don't wait for an adjuster to arrive before you start fixing things.

Have any questions........give me a call or an email (my power should be up in a day or two). No charge for hurricane related questions.

You knew all this stuff already? I figured but it made me feel better to do an entry.
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