Is there a benefit to letting a lawyer get 25% of the fee in your personal injury case...just for sending the case to another lawyer? 
Saturday, November 18, 2017, 06:15 PM
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The Florida Bar, which controls such things, lets a referring lawyer get 25% of the fee in an injury case he/she refers to another lawyer. For example, if you "recover" (by settlement or winning at trial) 1 million dollars, the total lawyer's fee is likely going to be 40% of the recovery. A lawyer referring you to the lawyers who did the work could ethically get a $100,000 fee. And, he referring lawyer might have done not much more than making a phone call. (Note: You, the client, must be aware of this, sign off on it, etc.).

Any benefits to the client? Sure:
-You may trust the referring lawyer and want him/her to keep an eye on things once things get into the hands of an injury lawyer you don't know.
-The injury lawyer may really bust butt trying to do a great job, figuring the referring lawyer has lots more cases to refer.
-The referring lawyer might know who the man/woman-for-the-job is. You may know injury lawyers only if you've seen their ads on TV.
-The referring lawyer can keep track of what is going on and yell at the injury lawyer if he/she starts messing up.

The referring lawyers' money comes from the injury lawyer's share.

In short: The referring lawyer might know enough so that his/her involvement will increase the value of the case. Or not.
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