Injury Law Nirvana! 
Saturday, November 18, 2017, 06:32 PM
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The quickest way to get an injury lawyer to lose interest in your car accident case is when they find out the other driver didn't have insurance. Unless the other driver is wealthy, it just isn't worth the lawyer's trouble to go after them when they've got a file cabinet full of cases where GEICO and State Farm and Allstate are willing to write a check and pay out some bucks. It is tough to collect money from regular people in Florida and, even though an at-fault driver's license will be suspended until they pay-up (or go bankrupt), going after uninsured motorists does not excite any lawyers I have run into (no pun intended). (Note: Get uninsured motorist coverage on YOUR insurance! No kidding!.)

On the other hand....... Let's imagine a situation where the at fault driver HAS insurance....$100/$300....liability of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident. And, let's imagine a client who has done very well after surgery to her c-spine (the part that is in the neck) so that the case is "worth" solidly in excess of $100,000. The insurance company is going to offer up the $100,000......the injury lawyer is going to ask for an affidavit on the at-fault driver's finances....the affidavit will show the driver is uncollectable and the lawyer will tell his/her client "The most we're going to get is $100,000....there just isn't any more insurance than that."

The lawyer will get a $33,000 fee (if a lawsuit hasn't been it likely should not have been) to $40,000 (if a lawsuit has been filed)....for not doing much more than making a phone call and sending a letter.

This is why the policy-limits-are-significantly-under-the-value-of-the-claim is injury law nirvana.

Is the injury lawyer going to tell you this?

(The question above is intended as humor.)

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