Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 09:12 AM
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You can get attach gps tracking device to your spouse's car and follow them all over town. You can find out who they are seeing (which, may not matter much as Florida is a "no fault" divorce state). You may get arrested for stalking. And, in any event, following someone is assinine unless you are the police (and, sometimes, even then).

Joint credit cards? Don't starve out your spouse (and, definitely, don't starve out your minor kids). But, consider cancelling the cards so the charges aren't run up (with you left to pay the bill). (No, you can't just "get them off the account". Close the account and start another in your name.)

Joint bank accounts? Are you going to take 1/2? Take it all (remember, don't leave your spouse penniless)? Or, leave it all so your spouse can take it? Don't be surprised if joint money disappears from your account, your safe, your attic.

Are you two going to be "friends" throughout the process? Are you going to fair to each other? Or, is he/she going to trick you and try to take it all.

Nice guys DO finish last. Possession IS 9/10th of the law. ....Not all the time but worth thinking about.
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