Monday, April 23, 2018, 09:15 PM
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But, wait a second! If you report the dog bite to your homeowner's carrier, they will drop you and you will have trouble finding replacement insurance because a claim was made against you. And, if you don't report the claim, there is a good chance the lawyer will see no-easy-money and drop the whole idea of ever making money off of Doug. And, even if the lawyer sues, the homeowners carrier will defend you against the claim....though the defense will be with a "reservation of rights" that boils down to: you didn't tell us about the claim so we'll give you a lawyer for your defense but we may not pay the claim. Then, the carrier will try to settle the claim.


But, let's go back for a moment. When the lawyer sent the letter to you, did she consider whether there was a provable claim. Did she know whether Rex had bitten someone previously? (Okay, there it is: that's the one bite rule.) Or, does it not matter whether you knew the dog was dangerous.........are you the guarantor of the dog's behavior or do you only have a duty to keep it on a short leash if you knew or should have known that Rex was a bite waiting to happen?

On the other hand, it's a Husky. Ever met one?

To be continued......
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