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1) Title emails. For example: EX'S ADDRESS...or WHAT THE WITNESS SAID TO ME or ABOUT THAT PAIN IN MY SHOULDER. I don't print out all of my email and it makes it quicker to find relevant things to what I am thinking about, if I don't have to open every one to find the one I need.

2) On the same email subject: No need to write an email just to say "thank you" or "have a nice day". Thank you for the thought but it makes for more to open when I am looking for, for example, your ex's addresS.

3) Proofread stuff I have prepared for filing or transmittal to the other side. I try to send everything I am going to file ("Pleadings", usually) for client approval/corrections/comment (unless there is a need for me to file immediately). Some of it is complicated and, for a lot of things, only the client knows the facts. IT IS VERY, VERY HARD TO PROOFREAD WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN. Writers tend to see what they think they wrote........not what they DID write. Misspelled names? Dates wrong? Crappy grammar (like this sentence)? I got something wrong? Tell me. Please. I beg you. I do have someone to proofread but I need you, the client, to do it too.

4) When writing, use paragraphs. There is nothing more intimidating (okay, that was hyperbole) than looking at a paragraph that is 4 or 5 inches long. I'm okay with a run on sentence or two but run on paragraphs are tough to get through. Remember this rule: THERE IS NO RULE ON WHERE TO BREAK SENTENCES UP IN TO PARAGRAPHS. Your high-school English teacher told you there was a rule? She lied!

Break up a paragraph whenever it is getting too long (give the reader a chance to catch his/her breath without losing his/her place). Break it up when you move onto a new subject. Not sure if it's a new subject? Doesn't matter. Can you have a one sentence paragraph? Why not,.......especially if it is run on sentence.

5) Are you about to email me something that you wonder if you already emailed me about? Have a look and see if you did. You are paying me by the hour (or fraction) and I'm willing to bet I read it the first time you sent it. (Note: That you did not receive an email from me that says "thank you" or "got it" or "great use of paragraphs" does not mean I didn't read it. I did. I promise). Note that some stuff does get accidentally deleted or goes to junk, so the above is not a hard and fast rule but...........pretty close.

6) Thank you and have a nice day.

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