Monday, August 13, 2018, 01:11 PM
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that my blog entries have become dull in that they lack the entertainment value of the older entries.

In my younger years, interesting things happened:
-In Colorado, the FBI came to arrest my former roommate for defrauding the phone company and someone standing next to me, afraid that he/she was next, flushed a big canister of a substance now approved in many states for medical purposes down the toilet.
-I went to law school and discovered, my first week, in a textbook a case against a former employer of mine claiming that none of the computers they (I) sold worked---which, they didn't. (In their defense, this was from back in the 70s.)
-I went to (computer) sales school in Southfield, Michigan and stayed in the Marriot where, in a disco (no kidding) in the basement, all the men in suits were being picked up by local women desperate to get of nearby Detroit (a bullet ridden city at the time). Ralph, our instructor, told me that if I wore a suit, even I'd get picked up. He was right. He also said, on the subject of selling:
*whoever talks first loses *give them a choice--never a "yes" or "no"
-The town where I did some undergraduate work had all its drug dealers (except for 1) busted one day after the police visited the home of a mid-level coke dealer after his burglar alarm went off. The guy's ex girlfriend had married a local cop and he drove around this very small town in a whale-tail-turbo-Porsche though he had no visible means of support. Finally, I guess, he threw he his hands up and said to himself "The only way I'm going to get busted is if I put a burglar alarm in my house, it goes off, and the cops come to investigate." So, he did that. Then the cops said to him "Your house is in your parent's name so we're going to arrest them if you don't rat out every dealer in town." So, he did. Nice guy....last I heard he was dating a former Israeli spy.

Now, interesting things don't happen as much. But, thanks for the criticism and I'll try to do better.
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