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....happened in Boulder, Colorado at the University of Colorado, where I started school at 16 (I was NOT particularly smart, I just had an early birthday and graduated high school early but I like the way starting college at 16 sounds so I do tend to mention it way too often) and quit around 2 years later. My wife and I were in Boulder a few days ago and I remembered a couple of stories.

It was 1971 and long distance telephone rates applied. I had a girlfriend in the Northeast and I liked to call her. Now, I know what some long-time blog readers may be thinking: "Didn't your across the hall neighbor have an illegal device that would allow incoming long distance callers to call for free based on the idea that the telephone company's (Mountain Bell) equipment could be tricked into "believing" an incoming call had failed if a tone having a frequency of 26,000 cycles per second were introduced into the phone line within a few seconds of the phone being answered?"

Yes, my across the hall neighbor did. One day, he got arrested for this. I, on the other hand, had a bill for over $100 for one month of service. My understanding, at the time, was that since I was under age, I couldn't enter in a contract and, if I couldn't enter into a contract for phone service with Mountain Bell, then how could they sue me for not paying their bill? I went to the University of Colorado, School of Law, student legal clinic. I asked the law school student to whom I was assigned what to do. He said "Pay the bill." Likely, what he wanted to say was "Quit wasting my time, you idiot. I have people with real legal problems waiting to talk to me."

I paid.

During our trip, a friend of mine ssked me to send him a picture of a legal marijuana store. I walked past one on the Pearl Street pedestrian mall. It was next to a marijuana accessories store and both were down a staircase, in the basement of a building. The front of the marijuana accessories store and where it was---down the staircase---looked familiar and I realized that it was where I had seen a lawyer, in 1972, when I got back to Boulder after taking a semester off with plans to move into the living room of an apartment my friend rented. When I got to my friend's door, there was a large Eviction Notice tacked up.

So, I walked from 1099 Marine St. (which looked the same a few days ago as it did in the 70's) to Pearl Street (which, back then was not a pedestrian mall) to find a lawyer. Down the same set of steps that the marijuana accessories store and the marijuana store use now, I saw a sign on the right---"LAWYER", it said. I walked down the stairs (at this point I'd been traveling for the past 1/2 day, hadn't shaved, had hair down to my shoulders, and was likely wearing ripped and patched jeans and an old flannel shirt...I am certain I smelled). I went in.

I asked the receptionist if I could see the lawyer. "Sure", she said without any hesitation at all.

I explained the problem to the lawyer (who, I do not remember anything at all about except that he was a man in his 30s). He knew the landlord, "Nick". The lawyer picked up the phone and called Nick and was able to reach this amazing deal: If I went to my friend's apartment and cleaned up the cat shit on the carpet, Nick would forget about the eviction.

The lawyer declined to be paid.

My friend had been gone for a couple of weeks between semesters and he thought it would be a good idea for him to leave a stray cat he knew a bowl of cat food. And, he thought it would be a good idea to leave a window open so the stray cat could come in and get the food..get out of the winter weather...make itself comfortable. It was out-of-the-box thinking like this that eventually got my friend a job as a professor at a California State university.

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