FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, BROADWAY 1967(?) (first published Julyl of 2015 updated, today) 
Friday, December 7, 2018, 10:24 AM
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This entry may be a little outdated now that we are fully into the AGE OF GREED.---editor

My then friend, Billy Spiewak, and I saw FIDDLER ON THE ROOF on Broadway in NYC when I was about 14. My mother took the family to the SOUND OF MUSIC and I took my then girlfriend Lori Phillips to a Broadway musical about a bordello that I don't remember the name of in the early 70's........because my father took kickbacks. He bought boy's clothes for a now-defunct department store called ORBACHS. As a buyer, he controlled lots of money and clothing manufacturers gave him "gifts" for spending the store's money with them.

Yesterday, for the other business, I went to a nameless hotel in a nearby, nameless city to hand out money for scooter-rental referrals. I found the concierge I was looking for and said to her, more or less: "I want to give you money but I'm uncomfortable doing it in this giant rotunda with dozens of people walking by." She replied "It's okay." As I reached out with my $15 hidden somewhat by the fingers of my right hand, she reached over with her left hand and made the money disappear.

I am not exaggerating, the way she held her hand........fingers extended but held closely together in an inward arc, thumb in the exact middle of the arc opposite her index finger....had been, I imagine, learned over years in the hotel concierge business and practiced and perfected. The money, which stuck out an inch or two from my hand when I held it, disappeared immediately and completely from view once her hand came within an inch of mine. I was mesmerized.

When I was a child in law school, I seem to remember something about money earned in the course of your employment from outside sources belonging to your employer. In restaurants, tips are supposed to belong to the serving staff who are paid under minimum wage ....because of those tips. I don't think Mr. Orbach (yes, there was a Mr. Orbach) would have minded my Broadway shows....he likely had better seats when he went. And, now I know that the hotel industry is good with tips other than those to the Bellman. (I figure management knows the thing with the magical hand.)

Two things:
1) You've got to hope that when you ask the hotel concierge what there is to do in town, he/she doesn't base the recommendation on what business brings by the most cash.
2) At some point (e.g. $1M in the bank account of the United Airlines buyer who goes with Boeing), Federal Prison is the best option.
3) I brought by the $20 ($15 to one and $5 to someone who sent us a referral a month ago.....and who told me $5 was the appropriate "gratuity"-----I had asked), what does that make me?

I heard a story, the other day, that a lawyer paid $400 to a medical office assistant for each personal injury case the assistant sent to her. Then, I had two lawyers I know agree that it happened all the time. Best injury lawyer.....or injury lawyer that paid the best?
This is illegal, unethical........and rarely reported, rarely prosecuted.

Lawyers are allowed to pay each other for some referrals. Sometimes, it's a good doesn't cost the client extra and the lawyer to be paid is in a good position to make sure the client gets what he/she is entitled to. You've got to disclose this arrangement to the client. From the client's perspective, the conundrum always is:
-Are you referring me to the other lawyer because he/she is your friend?
-.....or, because he/she is paying you?
-.....or, because he/she sends you stuff and this is the quid pro quo for that?
-.....or, because he/she is the BEST LAWYER for the case I've got.

How do you know?

You don't.

Have a nice day.

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