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Last night, we went to the Christmas pop up bar that popped up shortly before Thanksgiving in the over-priced rent district of West Palm Beach: CityPlace. The space had been, over the years, a girl's clothing store; a bar restaurant that failed because the middle-aged owner planted himself at a booth towards the front, stared at his computer full-time, and scowled; and a burger place that soon moved across the street and took over the kitchen at the bowling alley. Is this an exciting city? You betcha.

The Christmas pop up bar was crowded. A lot of customers were dressed as Santa (or, were Santa?). Half the crowd wore Christmas hats, Christmas T-shirts (one of which had a picture of Santa saying "Ask your mother if I'm real")and Christmas sweaters (outside temp? 75 degrees). There were wrapped and ribboned boxes hanging from the ceiling. The cocktails had Christmassy names (Chirstmaspolitan) . The drink menu was a Christmas card with a tipsy Santa getting into his sleigh on the cover.

We sat at the bar, immediately across from the main bartender who was blending all kinds of bottled liquor I'd never heard of and peeling orange skins into glasses and pouring over ice cubes that were 2 and 1/2 inches square into cups that said things like La La La La La (that cost $16 if you wanted to take one home with you and be up front about it instead of just dropping an empty into your pocketbook.

Anyway, someone standing at the bar to my right touched my right shoulder with (I believe) his left shoulder and then said "excuse me" to me and I turned my head in that direction to investigate. The man to my right who had said "excuse me" was wearing a silver Christmas sweater and a multi colored Christmas hat.......both of which, he demonstrated to us, jingled when he shook his body. He had on a very impressive pair of green, plastic eyeglasses with a large Christmas tree over each eye.

For the past few years, I have noticed that (even outside of Christmas themed pop up bars) people say "excuse me" for the slightest reason: someone brushes past on the street, taps their shopping cart against your cart on their way up the grocery aisle, puts a hand on the shoulder of a drunk man at a bar to keep him from backing into a server walking by with a tray of drinks.

I was screamed at, last week, by a very red-faced and unhappy older man when I negligently allowed my shopping cart to lightly tap his cart and did not apologize (actually, I had said an automatic "I'm sorry." but I mumbled).

When you go into a crowded place, you are tacitly accepting thed reality that you are going to be bumped around a little. (In the legal world, a touch is not a battery because of that consent.) And, back a few years ago---before people became afraid of each other------ you didn't say "excuse me" to someone you pushed past in a bar unless the push ended with you accidentally jamming someone's teeth with your elbow. If you can't deal with some pushes and shoves, stay on your farm (and, make sure it is a vegetable farm, animals push and shove).

"Excuse me" is something you say to people (I will also say it to dogs) who are in your way......blocking the sidewalk, standing in front of the Spam section of your grocery store and blocking your reach a a can of the "low sodium" version, taking up all of the space between the bar and the wall when you NEED to go to the bathroom. And you say "excuse me" to try to get them to move... just before you are compelled to push your way through.

Sadly, because there is no down-side to good bar, the pop up will close January 2nd. If you see me there, feel free to push past.
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