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One day, when I was dating my now-wife, we drove South on I95 to a Dolphins game at what was then Joe Robbie Stadium. Before I go further, I must say this about the Robbie family: Yes, they likely did have to sell the Dolphins (to Wayne Huizinga) because they had to pay Federal Estate Tax. But, there is nobody that you, the reader, knows who will have to pay Estate Tax; Estate Tax does not cause the break-up of family farms; you can die with millions of dollars and not pay Estate Tax. The whole idea that there is anything wrong with Estate Tax (given that the minimum amount it applies to is well into the millions of dollars) is the idea of the very, very rich who are trying to trick you (and me). The real effect of Estate Tax is to limit the number of super rich kids who have too much money and no purpose in life and who become drug addicts and who die with a needle in their arm on a beach in Fiji. We who oppose the abolition of Estate Tax are saving the lives of rich people. We are HEROIC. Anyway, the stadium is now known as "Pro Player".

To be continued...............

Anyway, the game we were going to was a 1 O'clock game and, at that time, we weren't experienced enough in going to football games to know that all middle-class football fans going to the game are more-or-less required to appear in the parking lot 3 hours early and to fire up the bbq and start drinking beer(the rich are allowed to come later, and, instead of mingling with us riff-raff, go to their air conditioned box and eat king crab legs and drink mimosas). So, we stopped at a Denny's, right off an I95 exit outside of Ft. Lauderdale, for breakfast.

We parked towards the far end of the lot and began our walk to the Denny's front door when we noticed....about 50 feet from us....a large, 4 door, white, General Motors sedan backing out of the spot closest to the entrance. We figured the car was no threat to us and that the driver would just back up enough to cock the front tires to the right and pull around us and out of the lot. But, the driver did not do that.

Instead, the driver continued to back up right at us at a more-than-leisurely pace and though he was not a threat to us at all when we first noticed him, he became a threat as he continued on. I yelled "Stop". He did not immediately do that. So, I yelled again.

As he backed up, I saw that the driver was an elderly white man. The front seat passenger was an elderly white woman and there was an elderly man and woman in the back seat. All of them...including, and especially, the driver.... were facing forward.

The driver kept backing the car up at us so we moved to the left and, when he had backed up far enough to have killed us had we not which point the driver window was to the immediate right of my right shoulder....I tried to open a discussion with him about why he thought it was okay to run us down in the Denny's parking lot. I suggested things like: "You shouldn't be driving." and "You don't care if you kill us, do you?" I believe that he began to become upset.....not because he was on a path to hit us but because he knew his three passengers now caught on that he was a dangerous driver.

And, as I argued my side of things (he did not respond), I saw his
face redden and I then developed my theory of: HOW TO TELL WHO WON AN ARGUMENT.

First, disclaimers:
-There is little benefit to arguing unless you are in court or some quasi-judicial situation where a decision will be made based on arguments (e.g. in front of the Student Disciplinary Committee having been charged with cheating on an exam). And, if you are arguing in a situation like that, at the end, you'll know who won.
-Arguing with spouses, friends, people on the street has no value except as I set out, below. Yes, your husband may give in to you........but, did you really "win" the argument or did he just decide it wasn't worth having. So, don't argue.

The decider: If, as a result of the argument...
a) Your blood pressure goes up and the person on the other side's doesn't: You have LOST.
b) If the blood pressure of your argument-opponent goes up but yours does not: You WON! Yea you!
c) If both arguers blood pressure goes up: You both lose.
That's it. a,b and c are THE definitive answers. If anybody has an argument with my theory.....

I won the argument with the man driving the backing up car because his blood pressure went up and mine did not (I have the gift of being able to yell with a complete lack of passion).

Did any good come from our encounter? I think so. Maybe, for a while after, every time he backed up he remember that he felt crappy after his blood pressure went up and he was careful to look behind him so that he would avoid getting that same crappy feeling again. Really, I believe that if we all yelled at idiot drivers, people would drive more carefully. (Note: The yelling should be brief and impersonal.....we all make mistakes driving and other drivers have saved you and me from bad mistakes that would have caused an accident by their GOOD driving.)

When I was younger, I did my best to chase down car drivers who cut me off, passed too closely, or otherwise scared the crap out of me when I was out riding a bicycle. When I caught up, I'd tell them "If I was your kid riding a bicycle, would want people to drive like that around them?" Did that do any good? I dunno, but I tried.

And, I believe that I was semi-successful in getting some drivers to think about driving around people riding bicycles. Still, I gave up chasing down car drivers.

Now, I'm too old to catch up.

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