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On the other hand, I've been planning on updating the page for months.....if not years.

Current areas of practice, LITIGATION (lawsuits, fear of lawsuits, preparing for lawsuits, settling what would, otherwise be a lawsuit) in the following areas:
-real estate disputes (quiet title, eviction, claims for ownership interest);
-"family law matters" (divorce, custody, property issues, alimony)--before and after judgment;
-DEFENSE of collection actions/debt collections (I don't sue people just over debts.....unless it is a debt to me).
and BUSINESS MATTERS limited to:
-contracts for purchase and sale (businesses, land, buildings)and other business related contracts;
-matters involving business leases (which, half the time, turns into litigation);
-defense of wage/hour employment matters (which, really, is more than half the time litigation). (Would I sue an employer on a wage/hour issue? Yes.)

There are some other matters (delinquency, criminal) that I continue to work on.

Best way to reach me: email at or (note that hotmail is a better and more reliable system). Second best way is to call (561) 624-6306.
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