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Skip the next two paragraphs if you are not into back-stories......

Years ago, I took a course entitled CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was my first full semester of college, coming after a summer session where I received a B in Chemistry 101 (which is another story that, one day, I will have to tell). The theme of the course seemed to me to be paradigms of isolated cultures. By "isolated", I mean jungles of Brazil as opposed to downtown Rio. By "paradigms", I had no idea. I finally figured out what a paradigm was about two years ago.

As for the course, I got a C after showing up at 9PM or the final exam (it started at 7PM) whereupon the professor....still in the classroom, the good students were still finishing up... realized I was an idiot (in my defense, I had just turned 17)and told me to it take the test back in my dorm room and bring it back to him in the morning. Now that I think about it, it must have been quite the dilema for him:
-Student, seemingly well-meaning, wanders in 2 hours late but thinking he is on time.
-The only choices are: send him away and give him a zero on the exam, sit there for two hours while he does the test, or go home and have him do it on his own (and, presumably, not give him a better grade than a C).
Two things I got out of this:
1) Never, ever, ever be late for anything and if the time for something seems odd (a college exam at 9PM).....check it again (on the other hand, the correct time for the test was 7PM and it was a morning class).
2) One day,figure out what a paradigm is.

Anyway (and, welcome to readers who skipped the above 2 paragraphs) a paradigm is a model for is how someone (or, a business or a society does something day in and day out). By way of example, the model for FEDEX (the paradigm) was:
a) Pick up packages.
b) Bring to local airport.
c) Fly to Memphis, Tennessee.
d) Sort.
e) Fly to airport local to delivery address.
f) Put on truck.
g) Deliver.
I don't know if they still do exactly this but, when they started, an overnight package to the business down the block from your business first went to Memphis. (Note: My kid lives under the primary approach to MEM and there are times during the day and evening when airplanes on the way to land are: FedEx, FedEX, FedEx, FedEX, FedEX, Delta, FedEX, FedEx........and on and on.)

The paradigm for my practice for years and years and years was:
-Drive to office or court in the morning.
-When in office, do paperwork and see clients and prospective clients.
-Maybe go to court, again, in the afternoon.
-Pay landlord rent.

Since I am left handed (yes, we are smarter but, studies show, not by much.....1/10th of 1 percent?) and find it very hard to write, years ago, I developed the ability to type very, very about the rate I think (Note: I think very, very slowly). And, with email and scanners, it became less and less necessary to hang around an office or to have someone in the office to do my work or me.

So, about 3 years ago, I stopped.

I have an office (it is on 10th Ave North) but, I haven't been there yet this year.

Instead of going to an office, I meet up with people........usually, mid-way between where they live and where I live (Palm Beach Gardens). I highly recommend the Dunkin Donuts in Belle Glade for private business meetings. Outside at Brooklyn Bagels is nice on a sunny day. Panera is okay (though I do have political issues with the parent company---it has to do with WWII slave labor). And, for those who like offices.......there is THE OFFICE.

-I charge less than most local lawyers (I have less expenses).
-Sitting in a lawyers office frequent causes clients anxiety.
-Clients don't have to travel to my out-of-the-way office.
-Offices are depressing and stifle creativity (and, believe it or not, lawyering done right is a creative enterprise).
-It is easier to meet in the evening and on weekends.
-I do not ask you to meet me at an "executive suite" or "shared office space" and pretend that it is actually my office.

-Clients must have a working computer, a working email address, the ability to open and print files and, in a perfect world, a scanner for my paradigm to work.

If you gain confidence from dark paneling, heavy furniture, plush waiting room seating, buzzing office equipment, and phones being answered in a clipped eastern european accent........stop at a bank and trust company in Palm Beach on your way to meet up with me.

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