Monday, April 6, 2020, 02:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
Lately, the blog has not been working. Recently, my website crashed and my internet services provider replaced it with a website I had back in and around 1999. I wish that I was bright enough to construct a replacement website and to update the blog (it looks like it's working again though my provider reported to me that it was un-fixable).

-I AM HERE AND EASILY REACHABLE (561 624-6306, 561 629-3007, steveduhl@steveduhl.net steveduhl@hotmail.com NOTE: WE HAVEN'T HAD A FAX MACHINE IN A DECADE.
-I HAVE BEEN SOCIAL DISTANCING (I have lots of clients who I have never met in person) since last Summer.

Steve Duhl
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